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IBM PR Reuters


IBM is rolling out a cognitive tool powered by its Watson supercomputer that uses companies’ internal data to answer questions about performance and efficiency and predict outcomes.

IBM said the tool — the latest in a series of Watson products — will make more widely available data analytics capabilities long reserved for research scientists. The move is part of IBM’s effort to shift resources away from a slumping hardware sector into more profitable fields like cloud computing and analytics.

In August, IBM launched Watson Discovery adviser, a tool scientists can use to identify patterns in data. In July, engine maker Pratt and Whitney said it would use IBM’s data analytics to predict aircraft engine trouble.

Watson Analytics clients can upload their business’ data and ask the tool personalized questions like “Who are my most profitable customers?”

Watson, which uses artificial intelligence to quickly analyze...

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Blue Data


BlueData, the pioneer in Big Data private clouds, today launched EPICTM Enterprise, the industry’s first Big Data software to enable enterprises to create a self-service cloud experience on premise. The EPIC platform is powered by BlueDataTM patent-pending technology, including DataTapTM and IOBoostTM, which eliminates time-consuming data movement and unnecessary data duplication without compromising performance. With the release of EPIC, BlueData is democratizing Big Data by streamlining and simplifying Big Data infrastructure and eliminating complexity as a barrier to adoption. Enterprises of all sizes can now build agile, secure and cost-effective Big Data deployments that deliver value in days instead of months and at a cost savings of 50%-75% compared with traditional approaches....

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 India’s second-largest software services provider, has won an order from Japan's Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd. (TYO: 7453), best known for its Muji brand stores, to implement the IT company's big-data software platform InteractEdge. Infosys announced the deal in a statement on Tuesday but did not provide financial details.

InteractEdge is expected to help Muji generate higher sales by enabling the retailer to make personalized product recommendations to over two million registered customers. Better understanding of customer preferences will also help the retailer cross-sell and up-sell products, and build new revenue streams, Infosys said in its statement. 

“They are using advanced analytics to better understand what their customers need and deliver it quickly,” said Sanjay Purohit, CEO of EdgeVerve, the...

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ForNova has launched Sparks Market Intelligence solution providing real-time, actionable insights that give retailers and brands a significant competitive advantage. Sparks Market Intelligence provides real-time, industry-specific insights that help retailers make smarter, knowledge based, strategic decisions and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Sparks’ business-critical insights cover multiple business dimensions including competitive pricing, assortment & coverage, replenishing & availability, promotions & sales, online merchandising, social...

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