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 Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, today announced the release of KEPServerEX version 5.16. The release features the new Industrial Data Forwarder (IDF) for Splunk Plug-In, Local Historian Plug-In, and IEC 60870-5 Suite that expand Kepware's offerings for the Power, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries.

KEPServerEX V5.16 advances Big Data analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the new IDF for Splunk Plug-In. Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud™ enable organizations to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize machine-generated big data from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors, and mobile devices. Kepware's plug-in leverages the 150+ communication drivers available with KEPServerEX to seamlessly stream real-time industrial sensor and machine data directly into the Splunk platform for real-time Operational Intelligence. Splunk...

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IBM Bluemix for IOT
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IBM on Wednesday launched a new cloud-based software-as-a-service designed to facilitate the connection of Internet of Things devices.Big Blue is calling the effort the IBM Internet of Things Foundation. And although the computing giant is hardly new to the IoT game, the company says the foundation represents the evolution of cloud computing and big data technology and how it can be used to build innovative applications to connect devices.

"This packages together a lot of the technology we have been using, and it packages them in a new way and made them simpler because they are behind a managed service," said Michael Curry, VP of IoT product development at IBM. "Under the covers we are using the technology we have delivered over the years, but in a new, cloud-native deployment."  The IoT Foundation is hosted on IBM SoftLayer and delivered within IBM Bluemix, the company’s cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running applications for the web, mobile, big...

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Cray Inc. (NASDAQ:CRAY) today announced the launch of the Company's new big data analytics product -- the Cray® Urika-XA™ system. Pre-integrated with the Apache™ Hadoop® and Apache Spark™ frameworks, the Cray Urika-XA system provides customers with the benefits of a turnkey analytics appliance combined with a flexible, open platform that can be modified for future analytics workloads.

Designed for customers with mission-critical analytics challenges, the Cray Urika-XA system reduces the analytics footprint and total cost of ownership with a single-platform consolidating a wide range of analytics workloads. It also provides superior performance for latency-sensitive analytics with an architecture that is optimized for compute-heavy and memory-intensive workloads, with acceleration through SSDs, parallel file systems, fast interconnects and unique software in the Cray Adaptive...

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Rackspace the  # 1 managed cloud company,  announced the release of OnMetal™  Cloud Big Data Platform so customers can now deploy bare metal instances of Apache™ Hadoop® with Spark™ in just three clicks. The new solution provides an efficient and elastic platform that delivers break-through speed for Hadoop and Spark™, allowing data scientists to gather insights in minutes rather than hours or days.

“This solution breaks new ground for the world of big data,” said John Engates, CTO, Rackspace. “For the first time, Hadoop and Spark can have the best of both worlds: bare metal performance with cloud agility, all backed by Fanatical Support®.”

To give the big data community hands-on experience with this new generation of bare metal data science, Rackspace is offering a $250 promotional credit towards the first two months of service. Learn more at www.BareMetalBigData.com.


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