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Bosch Networking software for IOT
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Bosch Software


Bosch Software Innovations has released a new version of its software suite. Version V1.5 is specifically designed for realizing projects in the Internet of Things (IoT) and for enterprise applications including Business Process Management and Business Rules Management. A unified networking approach is used to link things, users, companies, and partners, both on an IT level and in terms of business processes. This provides the basis for many different industry solutions and applications, ranging from predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0 and the provision of a networked charging infrastructure for e-mobility services to the interconnection of decentralized...

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  Collibra, the industry’s only data governance and data management solution built for the business user, today announced that its Reference Data Accelerator is prominently featured in a new field report from the MDM Institute. Authored by founder and Chief Research Officer Aaron Zornes, the report looks at the crucial role Reference Data Management (RDM) plays in Master Data Management (MDM) best practices, which in turn, create direct and immediate value for enterprises.

“Because reference data is used to drive key business process and application logic, errors in reference data can have major negative and multiplicative business impact,” notes Zornes in the report. “Collibra’s Reference Data Accelerator is a powerful, reliable alternative to the patchwork of home-grown systems and mega-vendor solutions currently deployed by many companies. Moreover, Collibra excels in the stewardship processes that are key to reference data;...

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Elephant scale & BigDataVendors


Big Data Training by Elephant Scale

Train from the people who write Hadoop Books. Not all Big Data training is created equal. Our training heavily draws on our industry experience. We focus on fundamental concepts and practical skills. Our training is very hands-on.

Training without a vendor bias

We offer vendor neutral training. -- no hidden agendas. We don't push a Hadoop distribution on you. Actually we don't have our own Hadoop distribution (may be we should!)

*REAL* Hadoop cluster

Lot of the other traing providers use Hadoop running on a virtual machine sandbox. You really can't grasp the parallism of Hadoop while running on single VM. We provide real Hadoop clusters for our training. All students work on the clusters.

Hands On Labs

We don't use wordcount example as a lab. Our labs are designed to teach practical skills. Staying true to our open source...

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Useful Business Analytics Summit and BigDataVendors


The Useful Business Analytics Summit is an event for corporate peers to meet and determine how analytics can improve business decision making. The focus will be on how to identify and analyze useful data, to get useful insights which can drive useful business decisions. Presenters will be exclusively corporate practitioners -professionals who are dedicating their careers to promoting and facilitating data driven decisions in their organizations - from companies like Google, L'Oréal Paris, Johnson&Johnson. Aetna, ESPN, Nokia, JP Morgan, Sears, Toyota and Kayak.

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