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Mtell), and MapR Technologies PR (Chemical Online)


Mtelligence Corporation (dba Mtell), and MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced a new Big Data platform called Mtell Reservoir that combines the MapR Distribution including Hadoop, Mtell Previse Software, and 

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Modus Operandi Press Release


Modus Operandi, which for 30 years has provided contextual pattern recognition for government customers, today introduced its MOVIA™ Big Data analytics platform to the commercial sector.  MOVIA leverages extensive military intelligence analysis capabilities to help commercial organizations watch for important patterns in their data and generate instant alerts to users or other systems.

MOVIA takes data analytics further, by enabling improved prediction of trends through advanced data modeling that captures situational context, so decisions are not 'made in a vacuum.'  This ensures important trends won't be missed. It employs semantics and logical reasoning to discover important patterns, sending warnings as SMS text messages,...

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Cirro & BigDataVendors


For decades, data have been collected into silos, each silo based on a purpose-built and specifically structured storage system to serve a particular need. These silos exist partly for business reasons and partly for technical reasons, but they do exist everywhere. The foundational nature of most data ecosystems is silos. It has never, and probably will never be practical to truly consolidate all data into one physical storage place with one physical execution engine over it. Even if it were possible technically, business reasons prohibit this consolidation. Reasons include security, ownership, origination, compliance, etc. The bottom line is that data silos are everywhere and that they are here to stay. In fact, history teaches that the number of silos within an organization is increasing at ever-advancing rates with the introduction of new approaches to storing and handling data coupled with increased demands...

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Blue Yonder & Capgemini / CBR


Blue Yonder and Capgemini have announced the launch of a Connected Services Platform.Aiming at reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the new platfom provides a unique solution for automated information exchange between connected devices, manufacturer...

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