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DataRPM Smart Machine Analytics
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DataRPM today announced the latest product release of its award-winning smart machine analytics for big data.
DataRPM delivers the unprecedented ability for business people to literally talk to their data and immediately get visually intuitive answers. It also automatically models data from multiple, disparate data sources, saving significant time and costs for Big Data initiatives.
“Sherlock Holmes was not only the world’s greatest detective, he was arguably the world’s greatest data analyst – a master at turning raw data into valuable insights,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO and Co-founder of DataRPM.
“By fully automating the process and providing a simple, Google-like user interface with DataRPM’s smart machine analytics for big data, ANYONE in an enterprise can be Sherlock Holmes and draw meaningful conclusions...

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Bull, an Atos company, and CustomerMatrix have launched - as part of their global partnership - a new joint offering to accelerate the adoption of Big Data and Cloud by large enterprises, capitalizing on their existing CRM solutions. Through this strategic partnership, Bull will deliver a cognitive intelligence offering to enhance customer relationships and accelerate sales. This joint offering is based on the CustomerMatrix cognitive intelligence and Big Data engine and Bull's Cloud infrastructure. It also includes an end-to-end approach to consultancy and data science.

Each piece of behavioural data from a customer or vendor is potentially useful for the business users, containing previously untapped value: a 'legacy of best practice' buried deep in data wells and Big Data. This ability to manipulate very large amounts of unstructured...

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Context Relavent


Context Relevant, the most exciting big data startup in the market, which has already been successful and caught the attention of the financial sector.

“Our Big Data 2.0 systems automatically write algorithms in seconds so that people don’t have to. The same problems being solved to understand insider threat can be used to solve fraud in the capital markets, as well as a myriad other use cases,” said Stephen Purpura, Founder and CEO of Context Relevant. “The only way to counter today’s Quant Criminals is with an Automated Quant Factory.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and increasing their capabilities. Any successful cybersecurity solution needs to keep up. Data must be collected and analyzed from all the other applications and security tools inside the network. Today, analysts must be trained to conduct advanced statistical analysis. They are currently left to choose among many alerts and use their own intuition in order to tackle...

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 Mi-Corporation, the leading provider of the most flexible, enterprise-class mobile data capture software platform — Mi-Forms — announces Big Data product Mobile Inspection Software by Mi-Corporation (MISM), which allows companies to automate field inspection data processes end-to-end quickly, including analysis & visualization...

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