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BigData Advisory


Clients while convinced about Big Data ROI do not want to venture into BigData world alone especially by creating a custom solution with intangible costs instead they want an off the shelf packaged BigData product that solves their business problem. Bigdatavendors is ecosystem of over 35+ BigData companies with proven products and quick ROI in shortest possible time . Our growing network of Bigdata product and service companies ensures that we have proven product for your prioritized business initiatives.

In this Big Data journey they are looking for advise as they face three major hurdles


  • Clients are facing challenges in identifying which Business problem can be solved by BigData? What are the Use cases?

    Our Approach

    Our BigData Advisory is tailored towards identifying the Business problem that BigData can solve.
    • We have consulting experience in BigData,
    • We have been part of BigData Customer advisory boards of companies like IBM where clients actively share experiences in solving BigData.
    • Our deep ecosystem of over 30+ BigData product companies gives us the unique exposure to 100’s of Clients successes of BigData product companies thus setting us apart from other Advisory firms. We actively share such info on Bigdatavendors.com
  • Clients want to take the Fast ROI approach to big data which is possible by identifying the right BigData Package product for the right business problem rather than a In house approach

    Our Approach

    • Our deep ecosystem of over 30+ BigData product companies gives us a unbiased and unrivaled exposure to 100’s BigData product companies thus giving us ability to map a business problem to proven big data product. We actively share such info on Bigdatavendors.com We provide vendor differentiation and assessment for BigData various products and services.
  • Clients want to build a team of talented BigData professionals who have a combination of Analytical skills, Technical skills and respective domain industry knowledge.

    Our Approach

    • Big Data Journey needs a combination of analytical capability, technical skills along with domain knowledge. Leverage our specialized approach for your Big Data sourcing needs and our job portal for hiring Big Data Talent.

Why we are qualified:

  • Deep experience and strategic expertize in Big Data having worked with Industry leading CIO’s in identifying big data use cases and Big data Vendor selection
  • Deep partner ecosystem of many of the big data products and solutions firms soif there a product out there, we will find it.
  • Certified in pre sales and technical aspects of multiple big data Technologies.
  • Invited to be part of Big Data customer advisory board by Big 5 Technology firms.

Services for Consulting firms

  • We also assist Consulting firms who want to assist their long standing clients in solving their BigData challenges.- Our experience in building BigData practice for consulting firms, including setting up practices for IBM solutions,SAP solutions
  • Act as a BigData SME (Business Functional & Strategic)
  • Assist in development of Business Plan and collateral
  • Business Strategy include core competency, SWAT,PEST analysis.
  • Identify core focus verticals in BD as per your core competencies.
  • Assist in Building Partnerships with companies
  • Assist in providing advisory for possible M&A activity in BigData.
  • Assist with BigData staffing opportunities,