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Press Release

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 DB Networks®, a pioneer in machine learning based database security,  announced the industry’s first agentless database activity monitoring (DAM) solution based on artificial intelligence. DB Networks is combining its DBN-6300 database monitoring and security technology with the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution to strengthen organizations’ overall security posture with a next-generation DAM solution.

Now, DAM customers can achieve compliance monitoring and database security without operational impact — no agent software need to be installed or maintained on the database servers and monitoring is now done non-intrusively. Further, machine learning is utilized to automatically identify and alert on any suspicious, unusual, or abnormal access to sensitive data or critical systems.
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ANSYS press release


 ANSYS has married the advanced computer science of elastic computing, big data and machine learning to the physics-based world of engineering simulation – offering the industry a first look at the future of product development. Available today, the unique ANSYS® SeaScape™ architecture enables organizations to innovate faster than the ever. ANSYS® SeaHawk™ is the first product taking advantage of this new platform capability to deliver accelerated design optimization of next-generation chips.  

Engineering simulation generates tremendous amounts of data – far more than most...

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Optimal+ Press Release


The semiconductor industry celebrated a milestone  as Optimal+, a global big data analytics provider, announced that it analyzed more than 35 billion semiconductor devices on behalf of its customers in 2015, a 50 percent increase from 2014. These 35 billion units represent the largest centralized repository of manufacturing data ever collected and analyzed in the semiconductor industry. Optimal+ brings unprecedented visibility into the global manufacturing operations of its customers, enabling...

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SIOS Technology Corp


 SIOS Technology Corp. (http://us.sios.com)  announced the immediate availability of SIOS iQ™ standard edition, the industry’s first simple, intelligent software solution for understanding IT operations and resolving issues in dynamic VMware...

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