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 Innovaccer Inc., one of the fastest growing Silicon Valley-based healthcare analytics companies, plans to introduce its transformational Big data solutions that enable payer organizations to coordinate care, optimize network performance and manage beneficiaries at AHIP 2017.

With a shift toward value-based care and the advent of Big data, Health IT now has the capacity to deal with structured and unstructured datasets, from whose insights care teams have been able to reduce cost and yield improved outcomes. Amidst these transitions from fee-for-service, Innovaccer has developed healthcare analytics solutions to...

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Press Release

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MediSapiens, a leading Finnish developer and provider of genomic and healthcare data solutions, extends is solution delivery network by offering its Explorer™ Platform based genomic, clinical and biomedical data curation, management and analytics solutions in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. The first stage target customers on Azure hosted solutions are Finnish healthcare facilities and institutions, while the partnership reinforces the global reach for MediSapiens solutions.

The Explorer™ Platform comprises scalable tools for small and big clinical, genomic and biomedical data curation, management and analytics. The tools are built to ensure that the rapidly growing data amounts, generated by healthcare facilities and their partners, are curated to a harmonized, integrated and quality-assured format, and can thus be reliably and efficiently used for data-driven research for personalized medicine development and other scientific and healthcare purposes.


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Varian Medical Systems  announced the release of InSightiveTM analytics v1.2. The software solution can now support both radiation and medical oncology data analytics for more informed decision making. InSightive allows users to easily explore their clinical and operational data to uncover trends that may lead to improved outcomes.InSightive analytics gives oncology care providers the ability to automate business intelligence by aggregating, structuring, and processing their data. Decision making is simplified through InSightive's collaborative user interfaces, which help transform static information into dynamic visualizations and smart, customizable dashboards. Additionally, using the enhanced functionality of the software, InSightive users can expand analytics-driven decision making from a single site to an entire cancer care...
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Press Release


 Lumiata, the AI-powered predictive health analytics company,  announced the launch of its Risk Matrix, an advanced predictive tool that calculates an individual's likely future health state based on associated clinical conditions or diagnoses. The tool leverages Lumiata's holistic models built on over 175 million patient-record years, and delivers predictions at an individual level across multiple timeframes to power risk stratification. The Risk Matrix is the industry's only predictive tool that provides evidentiary clinical rationale with each prediction to enable stronger alignment amongst all clinical stakeholders – giving them the confidence to act.


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