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1Spatial plc


1Spatial plc, the spatial big data company, has been awarded a significant long-term contract by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) on behalf of No. 1 Aeronautical Information Documents Unit (“AIDU”).

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Federal Govt Big Data
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FEDMINE simplifies big data related to federal spending in real-time.
The FEDMINE.US™ online application suite is the most cutting-edge Internet application for aggregating federal spending data from authoritative government sources. Data is seamlessly integrated at the back-end, with the front-end powered by an easy-to-use intuitive online application. It is the largest library of real-time federal spending data on the Internet today.

It is a product that provides rare insights into actionable federal business intelligence on various aspects of the federal market to help accelerate quality decision-making.
The product is designed to relieve the burden faced by industry and government from manually intensive tasks of piecing together spending data from FPDS-NG, USA Spending.Gov, SAM, DSBS, in total 16 data sources that together free up organizations from making any further investments in costly custom software and maintenance...

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Government Defence db
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Service personnel need instant access to send and receive data though they are often limited by low bandwidth connections. Also required is the ability to quickly and easily replace a database server if it is damaged or destroyed, with no loss of data.

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BigDataVendors and GCS




Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development needed an easy-to-use, information rich tool to provide business site information on the web. Community-focused economic development organizations needed a useful tool to induce prospectors and entrepreneurs to locate and expand in Montana. They wanted to offer valuable information not only on the economic factors in Montana, but real available commercial properties.


Montana Site Selector is a map-based web application for finding available commercial properties, for sale or lease, combined with analysis and reporting tools on economic factors around a location. Users can find commercial sites for retail, office, industrial, and other types, search by features like square footage and price, or location like Montana city, county, or map point. Map includes layers...

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