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By Orlan Love (Gazzette /Mosanto)


Big ag data, a catch phrase describing the aggregation and analysis of the vast stores of digital information generated by farmers, will fuel the next advancement in their productivity, experts say. Drones flying over farm fields recording high resolution images and field sensors providing real-time information on crop nutrients and conditions are among high tech tools likely to become commonplace in an era of big ag data.Data aggregation and analysis, calculated to improve farmers’ yields and productivity, “is the next big frontier in agriculture,” said Aaron Putze, Iowa Soybean Association spokesman.“I have heard big ag data compared with the biotech revolution. I would like to think it will be that important to farmers. I think it is something pretty powerful,” said Ken O’Brien, a manager with DuPont Pioneer’s Encirca Services, which uses data to help farmers make more informed decisions.“It’s fascinating to think about the power...

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Wind Energy and weather
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Vestas Wind Systems A/S (VWS) is implementing a big data solution that is significantly reducing data processing time and helping staff more quickly and accurately predict weather patterns at potential sites to increase turbine energy production. Data currently stored in its wind library comprises nearly 2.8 petabytes and includes more than...

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