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Atos PressRelease


Atos, a leader in digital transformation, announces its role as Technology Partner of AutoMat, the first open Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-independent marketplace in the automotive industry based on access to Big Data generated from vehicles. The project, funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 program, aims to make currently unused aggregated vehicle data accessible to cross-sector service providers in order to facilitate the deployment of a totally new set of services and products for the automotive industry.

Vehicles act as mobile sensors, collecting a wealth of data (such as navigation information, driving behavior, smartphone usage, road conditions etc.) via the onboard sensors that produce more than 4000 signals per second per vehicle. The number of these sensors is...

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EC Iberica, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Europe,  launched a new version of its smart city product offering, the Cloud City Operation Center  after successfully demonstrating it at the recent Smart City Expo World Congress. NEC's CCOC product is based on the "Core platform of the Future Internet" (FIWARE) project, which provides open API and generic enablers to realize the vision of a future internet platform.

For years, many cities have deployed Machine to Machine (M2M) sensors to improve the efficiency of transport, lighting, irrigation and waste collection services, in order to increase public safety levels by minimizing pollution and waste. The sensors are then connected to NEC's CCOC which uses NEC's big data analysis platform to collect and process mass M2M data.

Onzo Press Release


ONZO, a global provider of data science-based utility analytics solutions, announces a major enhancement to its ONZO Insight software.  With the addition of new multi-level data mining capabilities, utilities can now combine and query data at much more granular level to more fully unlock the power of their smart meter and sensor data. Equally significant, with ONZO Insight, this can now be achieved with no need for deployment of specialized in-home hardware often required with competing analytics solutions.  This new macro-level insight enhances the highly personalized understanding of household-level energy usage for which ONZO is well known.

"Millions of AMI data points and hundreds of thousands of additional metrics and values can now be combined and analyzed, taking utility customer...

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MICRON Press Release


Micron Technology, Inc announces the production of 8GB DDR4 NVDIMM, the company's first commercially available solution in the persistent memory category. Persistent memory delivers a unique balance of latency, bandwidth, capacity and cost, delivering ultra-fast DRAM-like access to critical data and allowing system designers to better manage overall costs. With persistent memory, system architects are no longer forced to sacrifice latency and bandwidth when accessing critical data that must be preserved.

As data centers evolve to handle the massively growing influx of data, the cost of moving data and storing it away from the CPU becomes increasingly prohibitive, creating the need for a new generation of faster, more responsive solutions. Persistent memory, a new addition to the memory hierarchy, allows greater flexibility in...

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