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Press Release

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 Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced that Transform Inc., developer of the first enterprise Revenue Data Platform or...

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AquaFold Press Release


AquaFold, Inc. has released Aqua Data Studio 17, a major upgrade to its universal database management and analytics software, allowing users to design and administer the newest class of Big Data and cloud-based databases. The latest version increases productivity for business analysts, expands database integration for database administrators, and offers richer data insights for business intelligence users. Along with enhanced Excel capabilities, a new MongoDB JavaScript editor, expanded DBA Tools and Explain Plans, and new charts and analytics, version 17 is the most functional release to...

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Infoworks, a pioneering company in automated big data management, announced today, the launch of its Dynamic Data Warehousing (DDW) platform and a complete solution to data warehouse augmentation.

The Infoworks DDW platform is the only automated software platform that enables enterprises to efficiently support all analytics use cases on a single Hadoop cluster. A complete solution to the problem of data warehouse augmentation is the first in a series of solutions to high-priority enterprise use-cases that Infoworks will build and release upon the DDW platform.

"Enterprises today are challenged by the rapidly growing number of analytics use cases and the increasing volume and variety of data," said Amar Arsikere, CEO and co-founder of Infoworks....

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Blanco Press release


Big Data brings big rewards, as well as big risks for costly breaches and regulatory non-compliance if not securely managed. Such risks are especially pronounced if data is not fully erased at vulnerable hardware- and software-related transitions throughout its lifecycle. At EMC World, May 4-7 at The Venetian in 

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