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PalantirPalantir Disease Response equips public health organizations with the data integration and advanced analytics capabilities they require to identify sources of outbreaks and coordinate tactical responses to confirmed threats.

Public health organizations process enormous disease surveillance data and must extract signal from noise, detecting outbreaks earlier and accelerating responses to the source. They must accelerate the discovery of significant disease events and distribute notifications to all relevant partner organizations and authorities. Together, public health monitors and responders must plan large scale responses and administer resources (response personnel, reagent kits, vaccines, supplies and additional countermeasures). Significant technical obstacles exist, however:...

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BigDataVendors and GCS


Geospatial modelling, custom solution, and analysis tools for analyzing wind's effects on wildfire spread and where firefighting will be most effective.


Determining and predicting fine scale variability in wind presents a unique challenge to fire management teams that are charged with assessing fire intensity, growth, and potential when determining optimum fire management options.


GCSThe USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station contracted GCS to support and enhance WindNinja. WindNinja is a program that computes spatially varying wind fields for wildland fire application. It was developed to quickly (less than 1 minute) simulate terrain effects on wind flow for time-sensitive emergency response applications, such as predicting where fires will spread and therefore...

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