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Businesses have sunk big bucks into big data without making enough of an investment in the data analytics capabilities of their people. The challenge is that all those millions of dollars and terabytes of data are not translating into new business insight or more data-driven decision making for many businesses. With increasing access to the data, the question of how to extract real value from it is one of increasing importance.


To help solve this problem, BMGI  designed the DataMaster Training programme to help businesses quickly insource more data analytics capability. The two-week DataMaster program rapidly...

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General Assembly Press Release

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 General Assembly (GA), the global education institution specializing in 21st century skills, announced a new partnership with data analytics leader Tableau, a leading company in data analytics, to develop a long form, full-time data science course. The new course combined with several other programs designed for individuals to gain and develop skills in data science and data analytics, will help to expand the talent pipeline for employers. 

Demand for data science skills is real, having tripled over the past 5 years, according to a 

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Elephant scale & BigDataVendors


Big Data Training by Elephant Scale

Train from the people who write Hadoop Books. Not all Big Data training is created equal. Our training heavily draws on our industry experience. We focus on fundamental concepts and practical skills. Our training is very hands-on.

Training without a vendor bias

We offer vendor neutral training. -- no hidden agendas. We don't push a Hadoop distribution on you. Actually we don't have our own Hadoop distribution (may be we should!)

*REAL* Hadoop cluster

Lot of the other traing providers use Hadoop running on a virtual machine sandbox. You really can't grasp the parallism of Hadoop while running on single VM. We provide real Hadoop clusters for our training. All students work on the clusters.

Hands On Labs

We don't use wordcount example as a lab. Our labs are designed to teach practical skills. Staying true to our open source...

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