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Splice Machine Press Release


Splice Machine  announced the 2.0 version of its RDBMS, the first hybrid in-memory RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark. Splice Machine’s version 2.0 delivers a database solution that incorporates the proven scalability of Hadoop, ANSI SQL, ACID transactions, and the in-memory performance of Spark. The new, flexible hybrid database enables businesses to perform simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads and increase performance over traditional RDBMS, such as Oracle® & MySQL™, by 10-20X at one-fourth the cost. Splice Machine is now accepting applications to test the public beta of its version 2.0 product.

Splice Machine 2.0 integrates Apache Spark, a fast, open source engine for large-scale data processing, into its existing Hadoop-based architecture. Splice Machine 2.0 has the following benefits:

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Centrify Corporations Press Release


Centrify Corporation, the leader in securing identities from cyberthreats, today announced the expansion of its big data security solution with support for NoSQL — reinforcing Centrify’s status as the only vendor to comprehensively address identity management for big data. Through product enhancements to the recently released Centrify Server Suite 2015.1, new deployment guides and new certified integrations with top NoSQL vendors, Centrify customers can now enable Active Directory-based authentication into NoSQL-based apps, as well as give IT and security staff a robust...

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SlamData Press Release


SlamData  announced that the open source company is relicensing SlamEngine, its next-generation NoSQL analytics engine, under terms of the Apache 2 License. Previously, SlamData had made SlamEngine available only under the Affero GNU Public License 3.0, which limited its use to free software projects.

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SQream Press Release

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SQream Technologies today announced that 451 Research, a preeminent information technology research and advisory company, highlighted SQream's big data analytics SQL database in a 451 Research Impact Report titled, "SQream Promises Screaming Data Analytics on GPUs."

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