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Century Link Press Release

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CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE: CTL) announced the market introduction of CenturyLink Location-Based Analytics, a mobile engagement, analytics and marketing solution for owners and operators of spaces and places where customers congregate.

This comprehensive, fully managed solution features Wi-Fi technology and an analytics platform to gather relevant customer demographic and location data, powerful analytics capabilities to discern business insights, and social engagement and marketing tools for businesses to act upon data findings in real-time. This solution is designed to help businesses create highly personalized experiences for visitors at their physical locations using a wide variety of engagement tactics, such as individualized messages, offers, wayfinding apps and activity suggestions.

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Locate Smarter Press Release


LocateSmarter, a provider of consumer data and innovative technologies, announced  their new analytics professional services as well as their enhanced phone append product, Movali 3.0. The two new offerings will enable the collections industry to optimize the performance of their phone data through in-depth analysis of call disposition data and big data tools. Movali Analytics will offer a solution that can organize collection agencies’ call disposition data, evaluate the data’s effectiveness, and work toward optimizing the client’s phone append product with data-driven metrics and product customization. Clients can expect to see lower data costs from filtering out non-performing/bad data; improved operational efficiency by focusing on phone numbers most likely to yield a right party contact (RPC); and reduced regulatory risk with fewer wrong numbers. LocateSmarter Senior Data...

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DigitakGlobe Press Release

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DigitalGlobe a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution earth observation and advanced geospatial solutions, today announced an agreement with Intelescope Solutions to enable global-scale satellite imagery data for the forestry industry.

DigitalGlobe's Geospatial...

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Logicalis Press Release


International solutions provider, Logicalis,  launched its new behavioural analytics solution in the UK, as it further builds its investment in business analytics and information insights. The new solution, 

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