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Affinion Insurance Solutions, powered by Affinion Benefits Group, is bringing to market a seamless way for credit union partners to develop a deeper understanding of their membership base.  Through a strategic partnership with Acxiom®, Affinion's LUX 360°SM solution provides clients with an analytics tool that sheds light on member demographics, financial profiles, and behavioral attributes, including Acxiom®'s PersonicX® Lifestage Cluster segment. 

For over 45 years Affinion has helped credit union partners deliver effective insurance campaigns.  Affinion's investment into bringing LUX 360°SM to credit unions will result in partners having access to a comprehensive data analytics package...

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Press Release


Alibaba Group has announced a new alliance with international brands including Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Mars that will leverage big data and the latest in anti-counterfeiting technology to continue the global fight against fakes.

The Alibaba Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, which has about 20 members, will bring together industry and technical know-how as a key strategy for keeping the e-commerce company’s platforms free of pirated goods, the company said in a release on Monday.

“The most powerful weapon against counterfeiting today is data and analytics, and the only way we can win this war is to unite,” Alibaba’s chief platform officer, Jessie Zheng, said in the statement. “With our robust data...

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 San Francisco-based FrogData will be releasing their Big Data Analytics Platform for Automotive Dealers at the 2017 National Automotive Dealers Association Convention.

The business analytics platform delivers advanced reporting, business insights and predictive analytics, helping dealers make better decisions and creating a positive impact on their business.

Frog Data is capable of aggregating vast amounts of diverse data sets and generating trend analysis and business insights using proprietary algorithms. This enables dealers to make decisions on which business levers to pull in order to improve dealership efficiency.

"FrogData's goal is...

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Izenda, offering a self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform for OEM use by software companies and solutions providers, announced an integration partnership with Insurance Systems Inc. (ISI), a leading provider of enterprise solutions for the property and casualty insurance industry. This partnership now allows ISI to deliver real-time self-service analytics to users of their fully integrated browser-based policy administration solution, ISI Enterprise.

By integrating policy administration, claims, accounting, billing,...

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