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BigDataVendors and GCS


Geospatial modelling, custom solution, and analysis tools for analyzing wind's effects on wildfire spread and where firefighting will be most effective.


Determining and predicting fine scale variability in wind presents a unique challenge to fire management teams that are charged with assessing fire intensity, growth, and potential when determining optimum fire management options.


GCSThe USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station contracted GCS to support and enhance WindNinja. WindNinja is a program that computes spatially varying wind fields for wildland fire application. It was developed to quickly (less than 1 minute) simulate terrain effects on wind flow for time-sensitive emergency response applications, such as predicting where fires will spread and therefore...

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Mining Industry Analytics
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Vantaz & IQPC

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How Mining Companies Use Big Data Analytics to Increase Market Competitiveness - A great report by Vantaz published by our Media Partner IQPC.
Big data is one of the hottest technology trends around at the moment. In many businesses the large data volumes come predominantly in the form of customer data and financial business data. In mining the data varieties are more diverse, meaning they have even larger quantities of data than most industries. The main data pools that mining companies have to worry about are geological and geospatial, maintenance and asset information, process control and automation, environmental, production and throughput/tonnage, and then the usual financial, supply chain, etc.
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BigDataVendors and Zettaset,Actian




Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, has partnered with Actian, a next-generation leader in Big Data analytics, to integrate automated Hadoop cluster management with advanced analytic creation and information management natively on Hadoop. The combination of the Actian ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform and Zettaset...

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Acunu Analytics 5.0 for NoSQL
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BigDataVendors and Acunu



Acunu, the pioneer in real-time big data analytics, today announced the immediate availability of Acunu Analytics 5.0 for Cassandra NoSQL databases. The new version gives control over their data back to business users by offering "self service" business intelligence for real-time Cassandra NoSQL data. As a result, business users can bypass IT departments and long waits for application development time and begin using Cassandra data instantly for improved business agility.

Today, most self service BI tools, like QlikView, do not offer connectors to Cassandra databases. Analytic tools that do connect to Cassandra, such as Tableau, only provide one-off extracts of data and cannot refresh in real time. Acunu Analytics 5.0 is the first tool to give business users access to high-velocity...

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